Vanguard Strings is a Dallas / Ft. Worth string ensemble that plays weddings, parties and events. The group is comprised of professional musicians all with over a decade of experience in the industry. Their body of work ranges from rock concerts to musicals and they are all accomplished musicians in their own right.

Vanguard is also different than your typical groups in the metroplex.

  • Our Music -  while elegant and refined, is mostly arrangements of popular music on the radio that everyone knows and loves. Watch your guests smile as they recognize Lynard Skynard or Taylor Swift sounding like they have never heard them before.
  • Pricing... weddings are expensive and adding a string quartet shouldn't be a $2000 proposition. Coming down the aisle to an iTunes playlist vs live music... there is no comparison. And we make it affordable and easy. 

Let us help you make your event sophisticated and memorable!

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